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We offer a broad range of vinyl products in these categories:

Vinyl Bags

Both Imported or Domestically manufactured vinyl bags are available. Imported vinyl bags offer an aggressive price point with a 10-12 week turnaround time. The Domestic version is a tradeoff of price for delivery and a "Made in the USA" product.

  • Blanket/Quilt Bags
  • Cosmetic Bags
  • Zipper, Snap, Draw String
  • Plain & Custom Printed

Complete our quote request for an Imported to Domestic price comparison.

Vinyl Holders

Vinyl Holders are limited only by your imagination and application. We have an extensive variety of holders to suit many different purposes.

  • ID Badge Holder
  • Price Tag Holder
  • Job Ticket Holder
  • CD/Diskette Holder

Mattress Boots

JEB specializes in custom made Mattress Boots. They are designed to protect the mattress in the bedding showroom from being soiled; and to encourage customers to try out the mattress without the embarrassment of taking off their shoes. JEB now offers the following styles:

  • Regular 8"
  • Pillow Top 10"
  • Deluxe Pillow Top 15"

Our Newest Addition, the "Stretch & Fit" Elastic Banded Boot, accommodates up to 15" deep. We also offer Mattress and Furniture Bags.