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With standard and custom sizes available, and gauges ranging from 3-10, JEB Plastics can provide just the type of shower or cubicle curtain that you're looking for.

Standard, extra wide, extra long - JEB manufactures shower curtains to order. Our factory produces shower curtains for Universities, Resorts (Hotels/Cruise Ships/Spas), Hospitals, Prisons, The Military, Interior Decorators and Consumers. We offer vinyl and fabric in a huge selection of colors, weights and textures.

*NEW: Ask us about Cubicle Curtains and "Hookless" Curtains

  • No order too small
  • Standard stall and tub sizes ready to ship
  • Vinyl (3.5 gauge light-weight liner to 10 gauge institutional grade)
  • Fabric: Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Laminate
  • Grommets, Tab Top, Velcro, Magnets, Weights
  • Tension Rods, Rod Covers, Shower Curtain Hooks

Ask about our volume discounts! Contact us for a complete list, physical description and color choices. Material swatches are available upon request.